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Captain Mode

            Let’s talk today about something I like to call “Captain Mode.” In 2015, I started participating at Phoenix Comicon (Fan fusion now) in a Star Trek panel with my husband, and two random panelists (turned good friends) we had never met. Our panel was on the Star Fleet Captains and ranking them from worst…

Broken Leg, Broken Soul

I’ve been on the edge of tears all day. Here in Savannah, something inside me has changed. It’s shifted in ways that I didn’t expect. Even now as I type, my heart swells up into a lump in my throat and I fight back the water in my eyes. The last few days have been…

What is a Lunar Arc?

A Lunar Arc in astronomy is the angle between the Sun and Moon at any given time. Why did we choose this name for a writing business? Well because like the sun and the moon, storytelling has a balance. Narratives wax and wan like the moon, and light and shadow are never too far apart.…

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